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Mappen en Klok

“At Coolblue we call Ronald our Remuneration King. Why? Because each and every single month all Coolblue employees receive error-free salary slips; not just any ordinary salary slip, but one that puts a smile on your face. Ronald offers pro-active input on the work-related expenses scheme and is our go-to person for complex expatriate-related issues. He is service-oriented and will do anything to make you happy.”

Sophie Demenint, HR Manager Infra & Operations at Coolblue

“Nothing is more annoying than having mistakes in your salary administration. We encountered this problem in the past and it creates an uneasy feeling. Salarisbalie has restored our confidence in error-free salary slips and returns.”

Toon van Overbruggen, Director of web design agency Sjonic

"Partnering up with Salarisbalie means that we have an additional top-notch knowledge expert. Our pleasant working arrangement with Ronald allows us to focus on our core business: administration, taxes and advice. That’s great, everyone’s an expert in their own field!"

Diana Stout, SME adviser and director at Administer BV

"We often work outside office hours, which means that it is extra convenient if you have access to the system 24/7. An added bonus is that Salarisbalie does not have a 9 to 5 mentality.”

Marco Dijkhuis, Owner of Restaurant Sluizer

“Salarisbalie and Witscraft work together closely to support various international customers. As a tax advisor working with Ronald is a blast. He has an in-depth knowledge of everything around salaries and knows what our customers need. He is a fast communicator, works punctual and is a true salary professional.”

Lita Mannoe, Owner of Witscraft

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