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From people to finances

Conscious specialisation in salary administration

People are your most valuable capital, so it is logical that you as an employer focus in particular on your people. Salarisbalie makes the transition from people to finances. Put simply: we ensure that your salary and HR administration are in financial order. This will enable you to focus on what you are good at: doing business.

Salarisbalie has 25 years of experience in financial administration and accounting. The decision to specialise in salary administration was a conscious one: you can only become the best at something if you really specialise in it. We are not saying that we are in fact the best, but we endeavour to be.

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Mappen en Klok

“Salarisbalie makes the transition from people to finances, either from the sidelines or as a permanent team member.”

Ronald van der Maarel,
Director of Salarisbalie

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Ronald is an RPP (Registered Payroll Professional) registered with NIRPA (Netherlands Institution for Registered Payroll Accounting). This institution imposes a permanent education obligation and a professional code of ethics on its members.

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